Gujja Ting African Art strives to empower youth in Kampala, Uganda by broadening their creativity through art and dance, a school fees program and a family mentality.


Gujja Ting's Girls Program runs every Sunday afternoon. The goal of this program is to promote self-discovery as a tool of empowerment for girls, find different ways of learning more about themselves and their identities, and to connect and bring together other girls with different backgrounds. Girls are taught how to cope with life's different obstacles. Mentoring relationships are encouraged. The topics of the weekly workshops and classes change regularly. Many of these young women are not aware of health-sensitive issues. The program educates and guides them trough necessary lessons needed for them to be safe and healthy on their journey into womanhood. The program will teach them invaluable lessons, and give them the courage to live life as empowered women. 


 A 20yr old  mentor and leader of girls at  Gujja Ting African Art organization, Jackie is one of the members in the school fees program pursuing a diploma in Journalism and Mass communication at UMCAT, a media institute in Kampala/Uganda. As a believer in supporting and empowering young girls, Jackie exercises this through her mentorship program [Girls program]. She grew interest in mentorship in 2011 after working with several organizations which also empower girls of ,  AGYA , MEMPROW, inclusive of others. These trained her and influenced her to become a great mentor. Since 2012 Jackie did everything possible to share the knowledge and skills she had got and finally in 2012 she got a chance to fulfill her dream by putting up a mentorship class at Gujja Ting being the leader of all girls at the organization.

         The reason as to why Jackie thinks it is important to mentor young girls is that she believes in the idea that it takes a village to raise children. In Jackie’s eyes, this generation has really been failed and it is time to step up and do damage control to help these children be able to navigate through the pressures and mistakes they make. And if they haven’t made mistakes, it won’t be good to let them. Cause when one knows better they do better. Jackie in this encourages these girls to stop giving their power away , to set the bar high. if these young boys want them, let them rise to the occasion.                                                                                                                                 Today 71 percent of girls have safe access to primary education, but that number drops to 32 percent for girls in secondary school education. This may not be as a result of only lacking school fees but some other reasons too. Since their parents do not have time or feel shy to make their daughters aware of some sensitive issues. This program is here to help them out.                                                                     

Jackie is looking forward to mentoring more and more girls  in Uganda and internationally . She believes that here her dream will be fully achieved and is also looking forward to learning more about mentorship through working with other Organizations’ which empower girls and different personalities too.

Gujja Ting African Art 2015