Gujja Ting African Art strives to empower youth in Kampala, Uganda by broadening their creativity through art and dance, a school fees program and a family mentality.


LAURA KOLAR - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Laura Kolar is co-founder of Gujja Ting and Executive Director. She works in the Milwaukee Public School district at Milwaukee Parkside School of the Arts as a paraprofessional. She is also a dance instructor for Danceworks, Inc. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Criminology from Marquette University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in African Dance and Contemporary Choreography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is inspired and amazed everyday by the work of the members of Gujja Ting African Art. 

KAZIBWE NELSON -  IN-COUNTRY DIRECTOR: Kazibwe Nelson assisted in the founding Gujja Ting African Art in 2012 and had worked with the some of the same members for many years prior. He is a leader in his community, where he heads the GTAA community house and teaches many of the art workshops. He graduated from GTAA’s School Fees Program and is now a hairdresser and helps teach at a local kindergarten. – “I love working at GTAA because it’s a place where I can easily associate with other people and share my skills and experiences. I always feel it’s the right place for my dreams.” 

SSEMPIJJI ROBERT - PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Helping to found GTAA, Ssempijji Robert is a graduate of the School Fees Program who brings his love and passion of dancing to the organization and its members. He heads many of the dance and yoga classes as well as choreographing/managing the Speed & Funky Dance Crew (a group of young dancers from GTAA). Robert coordinates the workshop schedule and identifies events for the members of GTAA to display their artwork and talents, whether this be selling hats and t-shirts at a market or performing in dance shows in Kampala. He's currently working with artists in Poland so that Speed & Funky can perform at “Brave-Kids Festival Poland.” 

KAWEESI HENRY - SCHOOL FEES PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Another founder of Gujja Ting, Henry runs Gujja Ting's School Fees Program. He was instrumental in starting the program because of his passion for the kids in his community and his wishes of them having a bright future. Henry communicates with both the parents and the schools to ensure that each each student is getting the best education possible. He is very passionate about the School Fees Program and all of Gujja Ting's wonderful programs. 


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Gujja Ting African Art 2015