Gujja Ting African Art strives to empower youth in Kampala, Uganda by broadening their creativity through art and dance, a school fees program and a family mentality.


“If good things are happening, there are a lot of good things happening. If bad things are happening, there are a lot of bad things happening.* We are the good side of “Gujjabagidde.”We are Gujja Ting...Good Things.
— Luganda Proverb “Gujjabagidde”

The Mission of Gujja Ting African Art (GTAA) is to empower the youth living in the slums of Uganda by raising their personal expectations and providing them with a real chance to succeed in life. This is done through creative workshops offered at the local “house” maintained for this purpose, a school fees program, and family mentality.

How this is accomplished:

GTAA’s “house” in Nabulagala, Uganda (outside Kampala) is a safe haven for the youth of that neighborhood. While at the house, they can participate in workshops and express themselves in creative ways. Multiple art and dance workshops occur regularly each week at this house. These workshops include traditional African dance, contemporary dance, tap dance, and break dancing in addition to painting, crochet, paper bead making, screen-printing, and hairdressing. GTAA is open to those youth who want to use their creativity and participate in new kinds of art and workshops whenever possible. We want to be able to allow these enthusiastic youth to use every inch of imagination that is in their heads and hearts. Additionally, a Kids’ Program as well as a Girls’ Program are offered each Sunday.

Our youth gain pride in themselves when they are able to try something new and succeed. GTAA takes this feeling one step further by selling some of the artwork the youth have made and raising funds for the organization. The pride they take from the beautiful pieces they make is second only to seeing how successful they can be in life and the feeling of empowerment they achieve by knowing that they can do whatever they set out to do.

Gujja Ting African Art 2015